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Author Laura Landon


Laura Landon

    What made you say, “Hey, I want to be a published author”?

I’m not sure I ever had an epiphany moment where I knew I wanted to be a writer. I loved to read, and the question I eventually asked myself was: “Gee, I wonder if I could write a story?” I sat down with a three-ringed notebook and started. When I finished, I asked the same question again. “Gee, I wonder if I could write another story?” From that moment on, the stories just continued.



So, once you decided to be a writer, what made you decide to pursue becoming a published writer?


For me, that was the next logical step. Once I discovered I could write a story from start to finish, my next question was: “Gee, I wonder if anyone would like to read my story?” That’s when I discovered Prairieland Romance Writers and the boundless encouragement they provided.

  1.     Writing can be a very solitary endeavor, and a crazy business. What do you do to keep your spirits up and keep you motivated day after day while trying to get the next book written?

    Writing is a very solitary occupation, as well as a very demanding occupation. It takes a great deal of self-discipline, and requires one to be very structured. One of the most important things I’ve done to keep my spirits up is in the way I look at writing. I don’t look at it as something I HAVE to do. It’s something I WANT to do. When a writer looks at writing as something she has to “fit” into her daily routine, or something that “interrupts” her life, it becomes a burden. For me, writing is my life. I write because I want to write my next story. I don’t ever want that to change.

    Several things motivate me. 1) My fellow writing friends at Prairieland Romance Writers. Meeting with them is the best shot-in-the-arm I could get. 2) Setting goals and being accountable to someone to accomplish those goals. I’m a very ‘driven’ person. Once I set a goal, I’m driven to meet that goal. We set goals each month in PRW. Meeting them is a priority for me. 3) Participating in challenges. I find that being accountable to someone is a great motivator. I hate to appear “the slacker”. 4) My network of fellow writers through other channels. Just talking about writing, and comparing accomplishments is wonderful motivation.





    • After writing so many books, has your method of writing a novel from start to finish changed as you’ve grown as an author? If so, in what way? If not, share with us a bit of your writing process.

    Actually, no. This is how I’ve always written. I always start with a scene. I don’t know where that scene comes from, and sometimes I don’t even know who’s involved in my scene, but the scene just germinates in my mind until it starts growing. Then, I play the “what if” game, and my scene grows until it becomes a part of a book. Then, I take what I know and discuss it with other writer friends. This is the most important step in my writing process. I need to tell my story and hear different ideas as to what I should do. I’m so very fortunate to have such wonderful friends who share their time and talents with me, and we brainstorm. I always get several wonderful ideas to mull around.

    I don’t plot much until the end of the book. Then, I’ve got to know exactly what happens to make sure I tie up all the loose ends. Until the end, I just let the story play out and see where it goes. Sometimes it’s a hit the first time. Other times I scrap a lot of pages because I have to rewrite.




    Out of all of the books you've written, do you have one or two that were your absolute favorite(s) to write? If so, which one(s), and please share with us why.

  Intimate Deception by Laura Landon Silent Revenge by Laura Landon I’m not sure I can say any of my books were favorites to write. There is always something special about every book. Sometimes it’s the story. Sometimes the characters. If I had to pick a favorite or two, they would be INTIMATE DECEPTION, and SILENT REVENGE. I’m not sure why, other than I felt a special connection with the characters. That’s always important.


You’re known for your Victorian era romances. What is it about the Victorian era that appeals to you?


I love the imagery. I love the gowns, the balls, and most of all, a ruggedly handsome hero who can become my Prince Charming. I love the fact that the Victorian Era allows me to escape to a time when how you looked and spoke and behaved mattered. Most of all, I love that it’s a make-believe world. For me, writing about stories that take place in today’s world is too real. There are too many negatives associated with today. Those same negatives were in the Victorian Era, but I can pretend they weren’t there. The Victorian Era is my fairyland, the characters are larger than life, and the story they tell is my fairytale.

  • And, I’m sure if we were to look at your research books we’d find a few about the Victorian era. Right? Do you have a few you refer to again and again to make sure you have your history right?

Yes! What writer doesn’t have a shelf of research books? Especially historical writers. The book I return to over and over again is WHAT JANE AUSTIN ATE AND CHARLES DICKENS KNEW by Daniel Pool. Another much-used book in my library is VICTORIAN LONDON by Liza Picard. And third on the list is THE CRIMEAN WAR by Deborah Bachrach. Since most of my historicals take place in the 1850s, and many of my characters have served in the war, that book is very important.

    Please share some news about your latest release.

I have two books coming out in 2013 with Montlake Romance. INTIMATE SURRENDER comes out August 13. It’s the sequel to INTIMATE DECEPTION. Then, on October 1, A RISK WORTH TAKING will come out.


What’s on tap for the near future?




I’m really excited about the new project I just started. I just completed the first of six short stories that are “companion” books. They take place in the Victorian Era – of course! – and the six heroes are all friends and former detectives with the Metropolitan Police. They form their own private detective service called the Bedford Street Brigade.


Thanks so much for being my guest this month, Laura!


You’re welcome! Thanks for having me, Sherry!!


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