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Happy Fall Y'all!

Scarecrow by Sherry James





Hey, Readers!

I know I say this every month, but where does the time go? It's now October, and as typical I'm behind. Yikes! By the time I get my act together the snow will be flying and Christmas lights will be twinkling. Well, that is if I'm lucky to be caught up by then. The rate I'm going that's probably wishful thinking!

That being said, I'm keeping my note here short and sweet. Please stop by the Authors By Moonlight blog. I have a cool post up about Horned Owls and share a bit about our own Harry the Owl whoooo makes his home along our creek.

Elf Trouble by Sherry James

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  Studs 4 Hire Boxed Set by Sherry James

Do you love the Autumn season? Do you decorate with all the festive colors and scarecrows, pumpkins and all that good stuff? I love to and my deck proves it. Unfortuantely, I have yet to put anything up indoors. It's on my to do list! I swear.

I hope you have a great fall. Enjoy the cooler temps, the ambiance of a festive season, and stay safe.

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