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Happy 2015!






Hey, Readers!

Wow! Can you say "Baby, it's cold outside!"?

But the weather is out of our control and it's going to do what it's going to do. This is January, after all.

What is in our control is choosing what books we read during these months we squirrel away. Because of a super busy summer last year I didn't have much time for leisure reading, but this fall and winter I've been indulging. I've read two new books by one of my favortie authors, Heather Graham. I really enjoyed both The HEXED and THE BETRAYED. Each highlighing periods in our country's history which I find facinating. And Graham does a great job of weaving that history into suspensful stories that keeps you turning pages.

Another favorite I've recently read is TASK FORCE BRIDE by Julie Miller. What I love about Julie's books is her heros. She writes knee melting, heart palpitating heros who know how to treat a woman. She never disappoints.

Please stop by the Authors By Moonlight blog. I am blogging there January 8th, and February 13th. This month, you will find "the story behind the story" of WOMAN IN CHARGE and why Elvis has such a major role in the book.

Currently, I am hard at work on THE COWGIRL and the BILLIONAIRE. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Happy Trails,


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